Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inventions: Did You Know?

Did you stop at a traffic light today? Garrett Morgan developed the original traffic signal that ultimately was replaced by the red, yellow, and green signal now used. He also developed the gas mask first used by the army in World War I.

Turned on a light? Lewis Howard Latimer invented an improved process for manufacturing light bulb carbon filaments.

Did you know that you have Jan Matzeliger to thank for the shoes you wear? He developed a shoe lasting machine that attached the sole to the shoe in one minute and revolutionized the shoe industry.

Seen a refrigerated truck hauling frozen food lately? Frederick McKinley Jones invented the first automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks and mechanical refrigeration system for trucks and railroad cars.

Ever heard the phrase, “the real McCoy?” Elijah McCoy invented lubrication for railroad engines that was prized above all others. Hence the question, “Is it the real McCoy?”

Did you put Cascade in your dishwasher? If so, you can credit Dennis Weatherby.

Did you know that the Super Soaker used in the water battle by your kids or grandkids was invented by Lonnie Johnson?

If any of you can remember back before computers, did you apply and blow dry an application of liquid paper correction? Betty Graham came up with it.

Did you know that all of the above inventors of PATENTED inventions are just a few that have one thing in common? THEY WERE ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS!