Tuesday, March 20, 2012

McDuff & The Kids

The book I wrote about McDuff did not contain all the stories about him. I could probably write another book because he was so unique. The kids in the neighborhood loved McDuff. I’d hear the doorbell ring in the summer. “Can McDuff come out and play?” one of them would ask when I came to the door. Several others waited in the yard.

I’d let McDuff outside. Someone would retrieve the stick from its designated place, give it to McDuff, and the game would begin. The kids would try to catch him and take the stick away. It never happened. When they became tired, he would slow down, let them almost touch him, and then take off again. They fell on the ground laughing. Big kids, little kids; they all had fun.

Another thing had them ringing my doorbell. I told one of them that McDuff had photo ID. “No way. Dogs can’t get an ID.” I showed him McDuff’s Therapy Dogs International badge with his photo on it. Evidently he told his buddies who didn’t believe him. One by one they came to find out for themselves.

A chapter in Life with McDuff entitled “McDuff Loved Them All” sums it up. He loved everyone and everything. Well, everything except monkeys, birds, and the UPS truck. Cats and ducks were favorites. He loved going to his veterinarians and didn’t want to come home after boarding with them.

I will always miss him and be thankful for the time he was in my life.