Monday, April 9, 2012

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered what plants the desire in someone to want to write a book? I have, and I believe I know the answer. For me it was my background and love of animals, especially dogs.

I’m a coal miner’s daughter raised in a wooden, weather-beaten company house in southwest Pennsylvania. We were all poor in Beeson Works, but everyone helped and supported each other in that tight-knit coal mining community. Diverse nationalities blended together in harmony: Italians, Russians, Greeks, Poles, Swiss, Czechoslovakians, and a few African-American families.

During a coal mine strike, or other bouts of unemployment, neighbors shared food, clothing and words of encouragement. If a mother became seriously ill or disabled, my mother and her neighbors cleaned house, cooked meals and washed clothes for the family without being asked or expecting anything in return. I grew up watching neighbor helping neighbor.

Ever since I can remember I have loved all kinds of animals. I roamed the hills around Beeson Works with an every present dog; assisted my cats when they gave birth; rescued and returned baby birds to their nests; splashed water on the fish my dad caught to keep them alive; and tamed and rode a half wild mine horse bareback. When I became an adult, I found a unique way to combine a desire to help others and my love of animals. I became a Therapy Dogs International volunteer.

I wrote a book about my Scottish terrier therapy dog and the valuable life lessons he taught me on his mission to bring comfort and joy to the disabled, elderly, sick, and school children struggling with reading difficulties. The life lesson he taught that impacted my life the most was being of service to others.

So you see, my background as a coal miner’s daughter and love of animals led me to write a book about my life, experiences as a TDI volunteer, and McDuff. What about you? You have something interesting to share with the world. Pick up your pen or sit down at your computer and let the creative juices flow. You have a story to tell!